Wednesday, April 04, 2007

What a Great Start!

In the first quarter Governor Richardson has raised $6 Million, and has held onto $5 Millon of that. Pretty impressive numbers, to be sure. Now, yes, Hillary and Edwards and Obama have more. Of course they have more! They have been free to campaign full time, have huge name recognition, and can carry over their huge Senate campaign warchests. Richardson can't touch the $15 Million left over from his re-election fund, and the entire first quarter he was busy with the New Mexico legislative session, where he accomplished some impressive things, including...

raising the minimum wage
legalizing marijuana for certain medical uses
toughening drunk driving laws
toughening domestic violence laws

He also fought hard for a bill that would give domestic partners, gay or straight, the same legal rights and protections as married people, even calling a special session to try to get the work done. The state House of Representatives came to work, but the Senate, in its infinite (what, laziness? cowardice? both??? or worse, maliciousness....) refused to entertain the bill. Richardson is not giving up on this, good for you Bill!

He was also busy lobbying hard for a tax bill in southern New Mexico to support a commercial spaceport. The vote was yesterday, and from what I hear the results are still too close to call, but I am rooting for it! Yet more visionary development from our Governor.

So, while the big dogs may have raised more money in their last three months of not having to do actual work, I am not worried. Hillary may have $26 Million, but how far will that go if she is buying endorsements at a half mil a pop?


louis said...

Greetings from CT!
This is a great story from his Dartmouth visit. I was hoping to leave a post at the Governor's blog, but there was no way to do so yet.

Please pass this along. Enjoy.
Dartmouth visit

doc503 said...

I found the Missouri for Richardson Blog floudering some have created-

Please pass this along to all interested.