Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Richardson Calls for Withdrawl from Iraq

SANTA FE (AP) - Democratic presidential hopeful Bill Richardson is again calling for the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq. Richardson, the governor of New Mexico, says the troops have done all they can and it's time to bring them home.

His comments came the day before the fourth anniversary of the start of the US-led war in Iraq. Richardson also is asking Americans to say a prayer for U-S military personnel serving their country and for the family and friends of those Americans who have died in the conflict.

Richardson says President Bush is deaf to the will of the people. In his words, "This is not presidential greatness. This is a great tragedy."

Support Bill Richardson for President Website

There is a brand new website up in favor of Governor Richardson's candidacy for the White House...Support Bill Richardson for President. I received an email from its creator, Jonathan Strong in Washington, DC. today directing me to it. I love Jonathan's message, that Richardson has the "Experience, Brains and Guts" necessary to lead our great nation. He also has some great bumperstickers!

Be sure too put this great site in your favorites, and add it to your blogrolls!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson Signs Landmark Clean & Renewable Energy Bills

New independent poll cites Governor Richardson as a strong leader
on issue of global warming

SANTA FE, NM -- Governor Bill Richardson has signed two bills that enact major cornerstones of his clean energy agenda and make New Mexico one of the top two states for renewable energy requirements. The first law requires New Mexico utilities to produce 15% of their energy from renewable sources, such as wind, solar, or biomass, by 2015 and 20% by 2020. The second law creates a Renewable Energy Transmission Authority to develop clean energy resources and market them to other states.

“In the absence of federal leadership, I feel a real sense of urgency to take action at the state level to fight global warming and strengthen our energy security,” said Governor Richardson. “Ramping up our use of renewable energy and reducing carbon-based emissions is the first step. These strategies also help to protect the environment, create high-tech, high-wage jobs and grow our economy.”

The results of a new poll, conducted in New Mexico on behalf of the National Environmental Trust by Research & Polling, Inc.*, show a majority of respondents- 57% - say Governor Richardson is a strong leader on the issue of global warming. Governor Richardson is the only person perceived as a strong leader on this critically important issue by a majority of poll respondents.

59% of those polled believe global warming is a serious problem, and a large majority believes the new Democrat controlled US Congress should take the lead in addressing global warming, renewable energy, and environmental protection. In the absence of federal leadership on this issue, Governor Richardson has taken aggressive action to make New Mexico a leader in reducing carbon-based emissions and increasing the use of renewable energy.

In 2004 Governor Richardson signed New Mexico’s first Renewable Portfolio Standard into law. This mandated that 5% of New Mexico’s electricity come from renewable sources by 2006, increasing to 10% by 2011. The Governor’s initiative that he signed into law this week dramatically increases these requirements and continues New Mexico’s leadership in the area of renewable energy and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

In the past few weeks alone Governor Richardson has signed a major, five state climate change agreement, announced a new Tesla electric car plant for Albuquerque, and a biodiesel plant in Clovis, NM.

Governor Bill Richardson Names Local Political Veteran Roberta Lange as Nevada State Director

At the grand opening celebration of his Las Vegas campaign office, the first Presidential campaign office in the state, Governor Bill Richardson named Nevada political veteran Roberta Lange Nevada State Director of his campaign for President.

Lange, currently serving her second term as President of the Henderson Democratic Club, previously served as Finance Director to the Dina Titus gubernatorial campaign in 2006, during which time she raised more than $3.8 million. Her experience includes several congressional and statewide campaigns. In 1998, she served as Deputy Campaign Manager for Senator Harry Reid's re-election campaign.

"Nevada and the West are critically important to this Presidential election and to my campaign," said Governor Richardson. "Candidates must recognize that Nevada's issues are unique and therefore they must have a staff that understands the West. Roberta is a talented political professional and a strong leader with friendships and ties throughout the state. I am proud to announce that she will lead my Nevada campaign."

"It is an honor to work for such an accomplished candidate," said Lange. “As a seasoned diplomat and executive leader, only Governor Richardson has the actual experience to get us out of Iraq, make the economy work for the middle class and combat global warming. Moreover, Governor Richardson is one of us. As a Westerner, he faces the same issues Nevadans live with everyday. From growth and water issues, to renewable energy, protecting our land and Yucca Mountain, Governor Richardson has the hands-on knowledge and understanding Nevadans want in their next President.”

Lange began her political career after being elected President of her local teacher’s union while teaching Physical Education in Washington State. She moved to Nevada in 1995 to marry her husband, Ken. She taught at Durango High School in Las Vegas from 1997 until she was recruited to work for Senator Reid’s 1998 campaign.

As State Director, Lange will join State Campaign Chairman Reynaldo Martinez, former Chief of Staff to Senator Reid, in shaping the Nevada Campaign. From the new campaign office at 515 S. 7th St. in Las Vegas, Lange and Martinez will lead a team that includes field organizers Javier Trujillo, Theresa Navarro, and Michael Tassone and Communications Director Josh McNeil.