Friday, October 27, 2006

Cool Richardson Project for Us All!

My new pal Michelle, over at Colorado for Richardson, has a new project we can all get involved in. Visit her project at:

It is really cool!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Governor on Real Time: After the Show

Ok I would have posted this last night but my husband was fixing my computer.

I thought the interview was great. Richardson was affable and bright, and really talked in an articulate manner about the situation with North Korea in a way that didn't use platitudes or empty headed rhetoric, the stuff we have become way too familiar with during the Bush Administration.

He really is impressive!

I particularily enjoyed when Maher alluded to a possible presidential run, and he said to the Governor..."So your mother is from Mexico, your father from Nicaragua, why the waspy name?" and Richardson came back with, "Well, I haven't decided on a presidential run, but if I do I will sure be the 'dark horse'!


Ok, now we just need to see him on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Welcome to the "...for Richardson" family, Colorado!

I would like to take a moment to welcome to the blogging community the newest "... for Richardson" blog, Colorado for Richardson hosted by the very talented and bright Michelle...

Welcome Michelle!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bill Richardson Alert!

The Good Governor is scheduled to appear on this week's "Real Time with Bill Maher" which airs Friday evening on HBO.

Forget Chris Matthews, forget Tim Russert...Bill Maher is THE interview.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Governor Richardson on Hannity and Colmes

Governor Richardson will be appearing on tonight's Hannity and Colmes, on the Faux News Network, consult your local listings. It will be interesting to hear the voice of a democrat on that show.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Governor Richardson on the Today Show

Governor Richardson, proving once again that he is the adult in the room on the issue of foriegn policy, is interviewed by Matt Lauer for The Today Show.

Click here to watch!

Gov. Richardson on The Situation Room with Wolf (Chris) Blitzer

A transcript from the show:

"Joining us now, the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, the New Mexico governor, Bill Richardson. He spent time in North Korea as an envoy and as former U.S. energy secretary, as well.

Governor, thanks very much for coming in. Is there blame -- do you blame the Bush administration's refusal to deal directly with North Korea? The North Koreans wanted respect, if you will. Do you blame the Bush administration for the current predicament?

GOV. BILL RICHARDSON (D), NEW MEXICO: It's a combination of factors, Wolf. I think three things have to happen. The Bush administration needs to, one, push for the sanctions of military technology, financial transactions at the United Nations, get international support for our position.

Secondly, China has to step up and put real pressure on the North Koreans. They've refused to do that; I think now is the time to do it.

The third step that I would take, which the administration has not done, is send their very capable negotiator, Chris Hill, to talk directly to the North Koreans, to negotiate the deal that we had a year ago, which basically says, in exchange for North Korea not getting attacked by the United States in the six-party talks, they dismantle their nuclear weapons.

So it's a matter of psychological warfare here, but by ignoring North Korea, by not talking to them, by being obsessed with our Iraqi policy and not confronting the major problems in Iran, and in Syria, and North Korea, as James Baker has said, we should talk directly. This is what I would do.

BLITZER: The administration does point out correctly that there have been direct talks between U.S. diplomats and North Korean diplomats within the framework of bigger negotiations on the sidelines, as the diplomats call it. What's wrong with that?

RICHARDSON: Well, nothing's wrong with that. The trouble is that the North Koreans have not gone back to the talks, and what is needed now is a direct face-to-face approach. You don't have to give anything by talking directly to the North Koreans.

And failure to do that, Chris, I think has made the North Koreans more belligerent. They have proceeded with a missile test, now a nuclear weapons test. There's an arm race in Asia. I think what you do is you shift gears. You're not necessarily changing policy, because at one point we did talk directly to the North Koreans. But, quite frankly, we've refused to do so for sometime.

Chris Hill is a very good negotiator. I'd send him out there immediately to talk turkey about dismantling their nuclear weapons.

BLITZER: Here's what you said, Governor -- we did some checking -- back on January 12, 2003, when you were on ABC. You said, "You know what always happens when you negotiate with the North Koreans. There's always the private position and the public position. Right now, they're intensifying their rhetoric; they're laying out their cards; they're being belligerent in preparation, I believe, for a negotiation. They always do that."

Do you still believe that?

RICHARDSON: Yes, I do, but I think the window is closing. I do think that they feel that their direct talk's potential has diminished. They feel squeezed by financial transactions and squeezing of their Macao bank accounts -- I think properly so -- by the administration.

Now the time has come to, I believe, offer a carrot-and-stick policy. The carrot is you dismantle your nuclear weapons, we don't attack you, and you get food and fuel from the six-party talks. That deal was negotiated about a year and a half ago. That's a good deal. Let's just move forward and get it done before this escalation continues, and an arms race in Asia continues, and North Korea has time to develop even more nuclear weapons. They probably have anywhere from three to six.

BLITZER: You know, there are some Republicans out there who are criticizing the Clinton administration for being "duped" by the North Koreans back in '93-'93, when an earlier deal was made to provide them light-water reactors for civilian purposes, a lot of humanitarian assistance. The North Koreans said, yes, they used that material, supposedly, though, clandestinely to help them with their current nuclear program.

Here's what a report for Dennis Hastert in 1999 said: "Through the provision of two light-water reactors on framework under the framework, the United States will provide North Korea with the capacity to produce annually enough fissile material for nearly 100 nuclear bombs."

You served in the Clinton administration. With hindsight, was that a huge blunder to offer the North Koreans that kind of assistance, nuclear assistance, humanitarian assistance, economic assistance, given their track record as a Stalinist regime?

RICHARDSON: No, it was not a blunder. In fact, it was a success for eight years, because of the agreed framework agreement negotiated by the Clinton administration, the North Koreans did not develop any nuclear weapons. They didn't enrich uranium. Look what's happened since then, because we have not talked to them directly and negotiated directly.

Now, it doesn't make sense to blame each other. I think we've got to move forward in a bipartisan way, because these are nuclear weapons. We have 38,000 American troops in the Peninsula. We've got treaties with South Korea. They've got missiles pointed at South Korea.

Let's just shift gears, stop the blame game, get the politics out of this issue. Talk to them directly. Get sanctions at the United Nations. Build an international support. And get China. I mean, China has enormous leverage with food and fuel assistance. Get them to do something. That is diplomacy, all of that, carrot and stick, talk smart diplomacy.

We've failed to do that. Instead, we call them "axis of evil." Let's talk to them directly. They've got good negotiators in that administration. Chris Hill is one of them. Send him to Pyongyang tomorrow to try to get this thing straightened out. Couple that with sanctions, and get the Chinese to do things. That will at least bring some stability to the issue.

It's not going to resolve it, but being right now strong-headed, we don't talk to regimes that have bad behavior, that's not working. Look at the tension that this bomb has caused. BLITZER: All right. Bill Richardson, the governor of New Mexico, thanks very much for joining us. Always good to have you in THE SITUATION ROOM.

RICHARDSON: Thanks, Chris.

BLITZER: Wolf, not Chris. I don't know who Chris is, but it's Wolf.

RICHARDSON: Wolf. Thank you, Wolf.


BLITZER: Thank you."

Friday, October 06, 2006

Paige McKenzie Fund Established

Albuquerque, NM - Today family and friends of Paige McKenzie established a
charitable fund at First Community Bank with the goal of offsetting rising
medical costs associated with the brutal attack against her earlier this
week. People can donate money to the "Paige McKenzie Fund" at any First
Community Bank in New Mexico. First Community Bank made the first donation
of $500.00 today. People can donate funds in person or send a check to:

First Community Bank
Attn: Paige McKenzie Fund
Post Office Box 3686
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87190

Checks should be made payable to the "Paige McKenzie Fund."
Paige McKenzie is the Communications Director for the Dendahl Gubernatorial
Campaign. Wednesday night Paige was brutally attacked while attempting to
change a flat tire in the town of Bernalillo.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Update on Paige McKenzie

It is just after 10 pm, and tonight's news from the hospital is that Ms. McKenzie is much improved, and no longer listed as critical. She is able to communicate with investigators, and I am encouraged that she may be able to identify her attacker, and help bring him to justice.

Let's all hope that her recovery continues its speedy pace!

Dendahl's Spokesperson Attacked

Horrible news this morning...Paige McKenzie, spokesperson for candidate John Dendahl, was attacked in Bernalillo last night. News reports list her in critical condition.
Please join me in sending your thoughts, prayers, good vibrations...whatever works for Ms. McKenzie for a full and speedy recovery, for her family and friends, Mr. Dendahl, and everyone who cares for her, for comfort and peace. I hope the monster who did this to her is swiftly arrested and brought to justice.
This just in from Governor Richardson....
“I am shocked and disgusted by this brutal, senseless attack. Our thoughts are with Paige and her family and we pray for her full recovery. I have also offered the resources of the State Police to assist with the investigation, should they be needed.”
5 pm update...
I have left a message for Tom Garrity of The Garrity Group, the spokesperson for the McKenzie family, identifying myself and my blog, and asking for more information to keep you guys posted. I will post again when I hear something more.
8 pm update...
I got an email from Tom Garrity and it reads as follows....

Statement from McKenzie Family
Albuquerque, NM – Yesterday Paige McKenzie, Communications Director for the Dendahl Gubernatorial Campaign was brutally attacked while attempting to change a flat tire in Sandoval County.
Today the McKenzie family arrived in Albuquerque and gave the following statement,
"We are saddened by the brutal sequence of events that have left our daughter fighting for her life. We appreciate the prayers and support that has come through in various forms. The support, skilled doctors and Paige’s faith will get us all through this difficult time. We are grateful for the Sandoval County EMT’s who first found Paige and started work to save her life. The care and attention by the doctors here at UNMH is unparalleled. We hope that those responsible for this despicable act will be brought to justice soon. We appreciate your prayers and support during this very difficult time."
The family requests that the media direct any questions or inquiries regarding Paige and her recovery to Tom Garrity, allowing family and friends to be available for Paige during this difficult time. Tomorrow, the family will announce a charitable fund that will be established to help defray medical costs.
I will post the information as it becomes available, on Ms. McKenzie's condition and on where to make a donation.