Saturday, April 14, 2007

Governor Richardson on returning from North Korea

Amazing video from our Governor...


jeff said...

Well at least he's consistent.

Bill Richardson is obsessed with death. He uses dead soldiers for political gain. He continues to support abortion, the killing of innocent unborn children, for political gain. And he tried to use human experimentation (embyonic stem cell "research") for political gain. What a tortured conscience this man must have!

Please visit and learn how Bill Richardson, a self-professed Catholic, now places himself above the Pope himself.

liberaltruth said...

How differently someone can perceive the same events. See, I see it as brave of Richardson to seek to protect and preserve life for the living by pursuing stem cell research, brave to protect our civil rights, and brave to go to a hostile nation to retrieve the bodies of our fallen soldiers. Jeff, you are entitled to your opinions, but know they are not shared.

jeff said...

Hmm. What other group in history said "at least they are doing their human experimentation to help the living"?

You remember? It was the Nazis in Germany.

My "opinions" are the teachings of the same religion Bill Richardson, as well as 1,000,000,000 other people on this earth profess. Your opinion, that human experimentation is fine, is cold-hearted and unnatural. It is unnatural because nowhere in nature do you find what you say is "brave" -- namely a creature experimenting on its next generation. What I profess, the protection of the very young and innocent, is found throughout creation.

You are in my prayers. Please pray for me, too.