Thursday, September 27, 2007

Governor Supports Conyer's Initative on Pension and Benefit Protection

PHILADELPHIA, PA-- New Mexico Governor and Democratic Presidential candidate Bill Richardson today released the following statement in support of Congressman John Conyers' announcement that he will introduce a bill to protect workers' pensions and benefits in corporate bankruptcies:
"I applaud the efforts of my friend Congressman Conyers on behalf of working Americans, as well as the vital work done on this issue by the AFL-CIO and other unions. Protecting pensions and benefits is essential to the economic security of our workers and our nation.
"We need to reform bankruptcy laws to require large corporations to honor pension obligations to their employees. Workers who lose their retirement funds in Enron-style collapses should go to the front of the line in bankruptcy. Too often companies siphon away money from their bankrupt divisions into healthier ones and then claim to have no money left to pay for the health and retirement benefits of the bankrupt division’s employees. That is an outrage. When I am President, I will not tolerate loopholes that allow companies to defraud their workers.
"We need a President who will fight for working Americans. When I am in the White House, my Secretary of Labor will be a union member, and workers will be guaranteed the rights and benefits that they have earned."

Richardson Would Drop Boy Scouts if Elected

from 365Gay

(Hanover, New Hampshire) Gov. Bill Richardson said Wednesday night that he is if elected president he would her would refuse to accept the position of Honorary Chair of the Boy Scouts of America because of Scouting's ban on gays.

The New Mexico governor made the pledge during a Democratic presidential debate in Hanover, New Hampshire.

Richardson was asked if he would accept the chair of the organization, traditionally offered to presidents.

"No, I wouldn’t, because I think as president I would commit myself, number one, that I will be a leader that prevents discrimination on the basis of race, gender and sexual orientation," he replied.

Bill Richardson has been a champion of equal rights for all, and has fought tirelessly for domestic parternship rights in New Mexico. LTS

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ads Don't Kill People, Wars Do

first published in the Huffington Post
Everywhere I go on this campaign -- from Iowa to New Mexico -- I hear people asking when is this war going to end and when will we get all of our troops out of Iraq? Everyone, myself included, is tired of waiting for this war to end and tired of feeling let down by the people we elected.

The message I hear on the road seems pretty clear to me, but apparently the people in Congress aren't getting it. I know legislating is hard work -- I spent 15 years in Congress -- but I believe that when the people have given you a mandate, and soldiers are dying, it is your solemn duty to get the job done no matter what it takes.

Two days ago the Senate had a chance to help get more of our soldiers home for longer periods of time -- but the measure failed. Yesterday they had a chance to set a timeline to start withdrawing troops -- but that failed too. And today, another measure that would've required a withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq failed. Three chances to make a difference, lost. But instead of continuing to push on the most important issue facing our country right now, yesterday Congress spent their time debating and condemning a newspaper ad by an anti-war group.

Let's get some perspective here -- ads don't kill people -- wars kill people. And it is long past time to end this war.

From my many years of diplomatic negotiations I have learned that persistence is key to wearing down the most recalcitrant opponents. So I will be persistent -- and I hope you all will too. If we don't get this done now, we may not have a chance again until a Democrat is in the White House in 2009. That is too long to wait.

And while I firmly believe a Democrat will win in November 2008, I also know that some of the other candidates don't share my clear vision for ending the war.

I have been asking them -- how many troops will you leave behind?

My answer is zero.

Their answers are starting to remind me of the same rhetoric we hearing from DC, a little too much hemming, a little too many "we'll see's."

Every day Congress fails to end this war is another day Congress fails to do what we elected them to do. Americans have lost patience with Congress and with the leaders they elected to end the war. But you know what? We have the power. We can end the war.

Let's do that together.

Richardson: Get Our Troops Out NOW!

Now that you have seen Governor Richardson's video, go to his new website, , and join his call for the immediate and complete withdrawl of all US Troops from Iraq.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Richardson UP AGAIN in IOWA!

SANTA FE, NM -- Governor Bill Richardson is at 14 percent, within striking distance of all three frontrunners, in the latest poll out of Iowa.
The poll of 600 likely Democratic caucus-goers was conducted by Strategic Vision between August 17th and 19th. The poll shows Senators Edwards, Obama, and Clinton bunched together at 23, 22, and 21 percent, respectively. Joe Biden drew the support of 5 percent, with Chris Dodd and Dennis Kucinich at 1 percent each.
"It's an easy equation for our campaign. The more Iowans that meet Governor Richardson, the more support we get in the state," said campaign manager Dave Contarino.
The poll follows Governor Richardson's six-day trip through the Hawkeye State, where he released his plan for jobs and the economy and delivered a widely praised performance at the ABC/DNC Presidential Debate in Des Moines.
"Governor Richardson's grassroots campaigning is paying off. Voters are seeing that Governor Richardson is the candidate of both change and experience," said Contarino. "We are gaining traction in polls across the country, and particularly in the early primary states."
Recent polls for the ONE Campaign in Iowa and New Hampshire confirm that Governor Richardson is in the double-digits in those key states. The latest poll of Nevada, by Research 2000, shows that Governor Richardson has climbed into the double-digits in Nevada, as well.

Richardson Responds to Limbaugh on Darfur

MANCHESTER, NH -- Democratic Presidential Candidate Governor Bill Richardson, campaigning today in New Hampshire, issued a statement in response to comments earlier in the week made by radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh accused Democrats of calling for the US to intervene in Darfur simply to court the African-American vote.
Limbaugh reportedly said that Democrats "want to get us out of Iraq, but they can't wait to get us into Darfur." He continued: "There are two reasons. What color is the skin of the people in Darfur? It's black. And who do the Democrats really need to keep voting for them? If they lose a significant percentage of this voting bloc, they're in trouble." The caller responded, "The black population," to which Limbaugh said, "Right."
"The situation in Darfur is a human tragedy of unprecedented scale that demands action. It is a humanitarian issue, not a partisan political issue. I went to Darfur because human beings are being killed on a horrific scale. I negotiated a cease-fire because rape is being used as a weapon against tens of thousands of helpless women and girls. I have kept this issue front and center because hundreds of thousands of people have lost their homes and all their possessions. Anyone with a heart cares about Darfur -- anyone with a conscience must and should care about this suffering. America cares -- it is the current administration that hasn't lived up to America's tradition of compassion. I've been saying for months we must keep the pressure on China, Russia and Sudan. We can resolve this crisis through diplomacy, just as we should have done with Iraq -- our kids don't need to be sent into the middle of a civil war. Only when US foreign policy is based on our American principles will the world again respect American leadership and only then will we have the credibility to stop international crises and humanitarian disasters. "

Richardson Responds to Clinton Statement on Terrorism

MANCHESTER, NH-- Democratic Presidential Candidate Governor Bill Richardson today responded to comments made by Senator Hillary Clinton in regard to a potential terrorist attack against the United States.
According to the Associated Press, Senator Clinton yesterday said: "It's a horrible prospect to ask yourself 'What if? What if?' But if certain things happen between now and the election, particularly with respect to terrorism, that will automatically give the Republicans an advantage again, no matter how badly they have mishandled it, no matter how much more dangerous they have made the world. So I think I'm the best of the Democrats to deal with that as well."
"We shouldn't be thinking about terrorism in terms of its domestic political consequences, we should be protecting the country from terrorists," said Governor Richardson. "Senator Clinton seems to think that President Bush has made this country safer. I disagree with her. Our failed policy in Iraq is making us less safe. Our ports are less safe. Our cities are less safe. Our transportation systems are less safe. George Bush is cutting funding to first responders. America's alliances are in disarray because of this President. We need someone with an international record of accomplishments to rebuild strong American international leadership to keep Americans safe. I am prepared to stand up to the GOP on national security because I've been there and done it. I've been in the negotiating rooms. I've faced the dictators. I've brought hostages and service men home. I've broken an impasse on North Korean nuclear facilities. I was instrumental in bringing the North Koreans to the table and getting this deal to shut down the nuclear reactor in place. I've got more international experience than the all GOP candidates combined."

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Happy Anniversary Governor and Mrs. Richardson!

Bill and Barbara then...

The Governor and First Lady Now

SANTA FE, NM -- Today, Governor Bill Richardson and First Lady Barbara Flavin Richardson celebrate 35 years of marriage.
"Barbara and I have been together since we were teenagers," said Governor Bill Richardson.
"We have practically grown up together. Over the past 35 years Barbara has been my wife, best friend and my number one advisor. She has stood by my side through it all and on this special day I thank her for her love and devotion. Truly, there is no luckier man. Barbara here's to another beautiful 35 years."
Bill and Barbara first met when Bill was a senior at Middlesex High School in Concord, MA. It all began one afternoon in downtown Concord, MA when Barbara asked Bill if he needed a ride back to school. They immediately began dating and since then have been a couple.
They were married in Goddard Chapel, on the Tufts campus, on August 5, 1972.
For photos of Governor Richardson and First Lady Barbara Flavin Richardson, go to:

Monday, July 09, 2007

Bill walks in 4th of July parades

Governor Richardson was in New Hampshire over the is some great video!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Richardson's Momentum Continues to Build

ORLANDO, FL -- Since announcing his bid to become the first Latino President Governor Bill Richardson has gained significant political support from Latino activists, political organizers, elected officials and senior officials from across the country.

"I am extremely honored and proud of the tremendous support I am receiving from the Latino community," stated Governor Bill Richardson. "As I travel the country and have the opportunity to talk with Latinos, my support continues to grow. This election is about empowering the grassroots to get involved in our electoral process. I am happy that the Latino population will play such an important role in deciding who our next President will be."

Earlier this week polls showed that Governor Richardson continues to build strong upward momentum across the board, particularly in Iowa and New Hampshire.

"If the caucuses were held today, who would you support?"
John Edwards
Hillary Clinton
Bill Richardson
Barack Obama
Joe Biden
Dennis Kucinich
Chris Dodd
Don't Know/NA

The poll of 500 likely Iowa caucus-goers was conducted for the Richardson campaign by Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin and Associates June 18-20, 2007 and has a margin of error of + 4.4%.
*Among "likeliest" caucus-goers (representing just over 40% of the sample -- voters who attended the 2004 caucuses, voted in the 2006 primary, and say they are definite to attend next year's caucus)


Clinton -- 37 percent
Obama -- 19 percent
Edwards -- 9 percent
Richardson -- 9 percent
undecided -- 16 percent

WHDH-TV/Suffolk University poll of 500 likely New Hampshire voters released on June 27, 2007 with a margin of error of +/-4%.

Below is a list of Latinos endorsing Governor Bill Richardson for President:

Members of Congress
Congressman Silvestre Reyes, TXCongressman
Ed Pastor, AZ Congressman
Solomon Ortiz, TX

Presidential Appointees

Henry Cisneros, Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Clinton Administration Mickey Ibarra, Former Director of White House Intergovernmental Affairs, Clinton Administration
Ed Romero, Former Ambassador to Spain, Clinton Administration & Richardson for President National Finance Chair
Rick Hernandez, Deputy Assistant to President Clinton
Ana "Cha" Guzman, Educator and Businesswoman, Chair of President Clinton’s White House Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans, President of Palo Alto College

Gloria Molina, Los Angeles County Supervisor
Tony Cardenas, City Councilman, City of Los Angeles
Lou Correa, State Senator, Santa Ana
Gilbert Cedillo, State Senator, Los Angeles
Denise Mareno-Ducheny, State Senator, San Diego
Joe Coto, Assembly Member, San Jose
Marsha Ramos, Mayor of Burbank
Sal Tiuajero, City Councilman, Santa Clara
Michele Martinez, Councilwoman, Santa Ana
Martha M. Escutia, former State Senator, Chair of Latino Caucus
Lori Saldana, Assembly Member, San Diego
Luis Aguinaga, Councilman, Aguinaga El Monte
Robert Fuentes, Basset School Board
Felipe E. Agredano (MTS), President Garvey Board of Education
Irene Redondo-Churchward, Executive Director Spiritt Family Services
Christopher Robles, CDP Executive Board Member Region 6 Vice Chair

Pete Gallego, TX State Representative, Chair of the Mexican American Legislative Caucus
Rick Noreiga, TX State Representative
Domingo Garcia, Former Dallas City Councilor
JD Salinas III, Hidalgo City Judge
Tony Villarreal, Mayor of Ft. Stockton
Gil Coronado, Retired Colonel
Ygnacio D. "Nacho" Garza, Former Mayor of Brownsville
Sylvia Romo, Bexar City Tax Assessor & Former State Representative
Frank Santos, President of Santos Alliances Gilberto Ocanas, Businessman and Democratic Activist
Rolando Rios, Attorney and Businessman

Sam Zamarripa, Former Georgia State Senator
Virgilio Perez Pascoe, Executive Fellow at Center for Hispanic Studies, Kennesaw State

Steve Gallardo, State House Representative, House Minority Whip, Phoenix
David Lujan, State House Representative, Phoenix
John Laredo, Former Minority Leader
Mr. Ronnie Lopez, Former Chief of Staff to Governor Bruce Babbitt

New Hampshire
Lily Mesa, State House Representative, Manchester
Carlos Gonzalez, Former State Representative, Manchester
Jose Parra, Goffstown
Sonia Parra, Goffstown
Diane Padilla, Weare
Anna Lopez, Manchester
Eva Castillo, Manchester
Fernando Hilarion, Manchester
Erlyn Martinez, Manchester
Angel Colon, Manchester
Cesar Fernandez, Manchester
Pete Escalera, Manchester
Margarita Fernandez-Letkowski, Manchester
Rodrigo Mena, Nashua
Juan Carlos Munoz, Nashua
Gustavo Moral, Bedford
Ernesto Sagas, Manchester
Ron Abramson, Concord

New Mexico
Toney Anaya, Former Governor
Jerry Apodaca, Former Governor
Roberto Mondragon, Former Lieutenant Governor
Mary Herrera, New Mexico Secretary of State and NALEO Board Member
Ben Lujan, New Mexico Speaker of the New Mexico House of Representatives
Ben D. Altamirano, New Mexico State Senate Pro Tempore
Marty Chavez, Mayor of Albuquerque
Hector Balderas, New Mexico State Auditor
Mary Jane M. Garcia, State Senator, Majority Whip
Phil A. Griego, State Senator
Richard C. Martinez, State Senator
Pete Campos, State Senator
Jose A. Campos, State Representative
Mary Helen Garcia, State Representative
Ken Martinez, State Representative
Antonio "Moe" Maestas, State Representative
Al Park, State Representative
Edward Sandoval, State Representative
Nick L. Salazar, State Representative
Jim R. Trujillo, State Representative
Ben Ray Lujan, Chair of Public Regulation Commission
Jim Baca, Former Mayor of Albuquerque, Former Director of the National Bureau of Land Management, Clinton Administration
Joseph Maestas, Mayor of EspaƱola
Henry Sanchez, Mayor of Las Vegas
Annadelle Sanchez, New Mexico Democratic Party Vice Chair / DNC Member
Virginia Vigil, Santa Fe City Commissioner
Valerie Espinoza, Santa Fe County Clerk
Harry Montoya, Santa Fe County Commissioner
Patsy Trujillo, Deputy Cabinet Secretary / Former State Representative
Don Francisco Trujillo II, Deputy Secretary of State and NALEO Board Member

South Carolina
Diana Salazar, Community Activist

Margarita Prentice, State Senator, Chair of Ways & Means Committee

Ross Romero, State Senator

Reynaldo Martinez, Nevada Campaign Chairman and Former Chief of Staff to Senator Reid
Carlos Blumberg, Attorney-at-Law
John F. Mendoza, Retired Judge/Community Leader
Luisa Mendoza, Entrepreneur/Community Leader
Holly Johnson-Troncoso, Community Leader, Education Leader
Jose G. Troncoso, Former U.S. Marshal/Community Leader
Dr. Agustin Orci, Educational Leader
Xavier Rivas, Community Activist/Radio Talk Personality
Rosemary Flores, Community Leader
Dr. Raquel Casas, Community Leader
Alejandro Alvarez, Entrepreneur/Community Leader
Gus Ramos, Community Leader/Seniors Advocate
Dr. Letitia Medina Worth, Education Leader
Horacio Lopez, Entrepreneur/Community Leader
George T. Lopez, Entrepreneur/Community Leader
Robert Agonia, Retired IRS Agent/Community Leader
Sylvia Lazos, Professor of Law, University of Nevada-Las Vegas/Community Leader
Michael Pariente, Attorney-at-Law, Pariente Law Firm
Larry Mason, Board of School Trustee,Clark County School District
Dr. Emma Guzman Professor, University of Nevada-Reno/Community Activist
Alma Garcia-Vining , Education Leader/University of Nevada-Las Vegas
Eva Garcia-Mendoza, Attorney-at-Law, Mendoza-Snavely Law Firm
Luis Valera, Community Leader
Francisco Aguilar, Associate General Counsel, Southwest Gas/Community Leader
Eloiza Martinez, Immediate Past President, Latin Chamber of Commerce
Elizabeth Gallagher, Community & National Leader/Vice-Chair, U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Susie Martinez, Community Leader/Assistant to Mayor Pro Tem Felipe Ortiz, Immediate Past President, National Latino Peace Officers Association
Peter Guzman, Entrepreneur/Community Leader
Gabriela Wyett, Bank Administrator/Political Organization Leader
Rudy Prieto, CEO, Colony Resorts/Las Vegas Hilton
Daniel Medrano, Labor Leader

Senior Advisors & Senior Campaign Staff
Mike Stratton, Senior Advisor
Andre Pineda, Pollster
Ben Chao, National Deputy Political Director
Dan Sena, National Field Director
Tara Geise, Chief Financial Officer
Carlos Trujillo, Western States Political Director
Michelle Mayorga, Mid Western States Political Director/Florida Political Director
David Negrete, Iowa Political Director
Ed Espinosa, Nevada Field Director
Alexandra Sanchez, Deputy Research Director
Javier Trujillo, NV Political Director
Fernando Romero, NV Hispanic Outreach
Joaquin Guerra, Internet/Web

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Richardson Was Great on Meet the Press

Sorry peeps for my protracted absence. I have been in the midst of moving off the mountaintop and into the city so I can reconnect with the human species. In the midst of that I have had two laptops and a PC crash, and my beloved grandmother, Lee, passed away. It has been a rough few weeks.

So, I noticed that some of my brothers and sisters of the blog have been less than kind to my man, Bill Richardson, in my absence. This displeases me (in my head I sound like Don Corleone when I say this). Much of the fuss has been about Richardson's performance on Meet the Press Sunday with Tim Russert.


I watched that interview on Tuesday, once the dust had settled after this hectic weekend, and I didn't think he did a bad job at all, in fact I thought he handled most of the questions deftly. Here is the complete transcript:

Of course, no matter how many times he answers the same old tired questions he will always be asked about them. I think that frustration and exasperation showed a bit. In my opinion he has answered the Gonzales, Whizzer White, and baseball draft questions satisfactorily. He was honest, and apparently honesty is not appreciated in today's political climate. I think that people want him to change his story so they can pounce on him as a flip-flopper and a liar. There is no satisfying this crowd.

What makes me really angry is Russert put up a bunch of statistics that made New Mexico seem like a poor cousin of the third world. Russert said, "This is New Mexico’s scorecard, and you are the governor. Percent of people living below the poverty line, you’re 48. Percent of children below, 48. Median family income, 47. People without health insurance, 49. Children without health insurance, 46. Teen high school dropouts, 47. Death rate due to firearms, 48. Violent crime rate, 46. You’re the very bottom of all those statistics of all 50 states, and you’re the governor for five years." When Richardson tried to answer the question Russert cut him off and said, "But these rankings are troubling." Yes, New Mexico is a state with poverty and crime, but great progress has been made, and the thanks belongs largely to our brilliant Governor. Thanks to Bill Richardson every child under the age of 5 is covered by health insurance. Richardon's pro-growth agenda has created 82,000 jobs, and that number should impress anyone, especially given New Mexico's population, which is not much over 1.5M. Many of these jobs are high paying jobs, because Governor Richardson has offered tax incentives to companies that were willing to bring jobs to the state that paid over the prevailing wage. Speaking of wages, Richardson has been instrumental to New Mexico raising the minimum wage...but I digress, back to the interview.

Russert slams Richardson for getting the name of a Marine killed in our war of terror wrong and using a conversation he had with the marine's mom on the campaign trail. This is really hideous, Richardson is nothing less than a hero. When he learned that the death benefit to reserve soldiers was only $11,000, he was horrified and raised it to $250,000. Richardson is a HERO for this. 36 other states have followed his lead, and now the federal government is, too.

And, as if this really matters at all, with all of the serious issues facing America today, there is the Boston Red Sox/New York Yankees issue, clearly the most salient and relevant issue of our time, and Russert devoted a lot of time to this. Listen, it is possible to be both a Sox fan and a Yanks fan as LONG AS YOU DO NOT LIVE IN EITHER PLACE. Let's talk about things that really matter. Let's talk about jobs, health care, energy, the environment, and the war. In all these areas Richardson has the best plan, if only we will listen.