Thursday, January 11, 2007

Yesterday's announcement from Sudan that Governor Bill Richardson had brokered a 60-day cease fire between warring factions has garnered a wide-range of reactions. I posted a diary on Daily Kos here... (and I have to brag a bit, I had it up there before any of the national media had gotten the story up!) which quickly reached the Recommended Dairies list and stayed there for 9 hours! There was a flurry of really interesting commentary, which bears some perusing.

Here are a few contributions from the mainstream media...


Washington Post

New York Times

Of course the blogosphere went wild...and this is my personal favorite, from the UK, Daniel Owen's fabulous blog Oval Office 2008 .

Naturally, this announcement has led to broader speculation that Richardson will run for POTUS, and I am really excited about this. I am standing by, Governor, ready to shout your announcement from the rooftops!


Administrator said...


I have started Wisconsin for Richardson and I'd like to exchange links.


Anonymous said...

Liberal truth-
I have some information on Richardson's energy policy. I dont think you have seen this. If youre interested-

phillip barr

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Leeza said...

hello dear i want to know information on Richardson's energy policy. Can you tell me