Friday, January 26, 2007

The Growing Richardson Netroots Movement

Since announcing the development of his presidential exploratory committee last weekend, the blogosphere has been on fire with commentary about Governor Bill Richardson and his candidacy. Here are a couple of my favorites...

Terry of CommonTerry, one of the most interesting and pithy blogs I have seen around lately, writes, "Bill Richardson is likely to be the lone governor, running against a host of senators. Therefore, although he is not currently considered to be one of his party's top-tier presidential prospects, he should not be thought of as a long shot either. Indeed, he could be the dark horse among the Democrats. " Be sure to cruise over and read the whole article, and spend some time looking around, it is a very cool blog.

Cee Jay of Cee Jay's Cyberspace writes, "While Richardson isn't liberal enough for my taste on a few issues, I think he can bring our country together to make progress and restore our reputation in the world community." Be sure to visit her blog too, Cee Jay and I have corresponded since her entry here, and she is a very engaging person, with a lot of insight into the world and its transitory nature.

There is a lot of activity out there, though, and most of it seems to be really positive. Of course there are a few out there who use their blogs to perpetuate innuendo and gossip, but even bloggers who support other candidates have positive things to say about Richardson. That really speaks to his ability to appeal to a broad spectrum of the electorate.

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