Friday, August 24, 2007

Richardson UP AGAIN in IOWA!

SANTA FE, NM -- Governor Bill Richardson is at 14 percent, within striking distance of all three frontrunners, in the latest poll out of Iowa.
The poll of 600 likely Democratic caucus-goers was conducted by Strategic Vision between August 17th and 19th. The poll shows Senators Edwards, Obama, and Clinton bunched together at 23, 22, and 21 percent, respectively. Joe Biden drew the support of 5 percent, with Chris Dodd and Dennis Kucinich at 1 percent each.
"It's an easy equation for our campaign. The more Iowans that meet Governor Richardson, the more support we get in the state," said campaign manager Dave Contarino.
The poll follows Governor Richardson's six-day trip through the Hawkeye State, where he released his plan for jobs and the economy and delivered a widely praised performance at the ABC/DNC Presidential Debate in Des Moines.
"Governor Richardson's grassroots campaigning is paying off. Voters are seeing that Governor Richardson is the candidate of both change and experience," said Contarino. "We are gaining traction in polls across the country, and particularly in the early primary states."
Recent polls for the ONE Campaign in Iowa and New Hampshire confirm that Governor Richardson is in the double-digits in those key states. The latest poll of Nevada, by Research 2000, shows that Governor Richardson has climbed into the double-digits in Nevada, as well.


BTB said...

Check out the latest from Bill Richardson (and others) in New Hampshire, including a story from Bill in Dover, NH yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Richardson for President is censoring blog postings from people who are asking him to help fight child sexual abuse

I am involved in helping a family whose daughter was sexually abused by her grandfather. Her name is Madison and she lives in El Paso, TX. The grandfather is a resident of Hobbs, NM. Judge William A. McBee of the Fifth Judicial District Court for Chaves, Eddy & Lea Counties in New Mexico recently awarded the grandfather unsupervised visitation with Madison, against the advice of Madison's therapist, who testified that the grandfather had, indeed, molested Madison. I have launched a campaign to get this decision reversed and to protect Madison.

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson advised Madison's father through his staffer, Elizabeth Osorio, that he wouldn't get involved to help Madison because her case is "too complex." Governor Richardson is running for President. How can he be trusted with the multitude of complex issues he would face as our President if the concept of protecting innocent children from pedophiles is "too complex" for him? I posted two blogs on the Richardson for President website, hoping to get some action on behalf of this child. Oh, I got action, all right. THEY DELETED MY BLOGS AND DISABLED MY ACCOUNT. I immediately set up a new account and reposted my comments, but the new blog was deleted and the new account was disabled. This has not only happened to me, but to several other users, as well, all for posting comments on this topic.

Here are the deleted blogs and disabled accounts:

Please look into this. It's bad enough that Richardson isn't interested in helping protect a five year-old child that was sexually molested in his state, but now he's trying to censor those of us who DO want to help. This is NOT anyone who should ever be the president of this great nation.

Thank you,
Anne Booher