Friday, May 11, 2007

Tune In Tonight!

For those of you who are early risers, set your Tivo...this should be a great interview!


Francis Page said...

The showing Richardson made last night on the Tonight Show was pitiful. He didn’t present himself in a presidential way. While he does have a lot of experience, he doesn’t have the charisma to ever make him a leading candidate. His best bet would be to hook up with one of the current leader and aim for VP. Richardson’s showing reminded me of Dennis Kucinich who doesn’t have a snowball chance in you know where.

liberaltruth said...

Well Francis, you and I clearly disagree. I feel his interview was fantastic, and he showed charm, intelligence and the audience loved him. Maybe you were watching the "Bass Fishing Channel". Regardless, if it is charisma that you are most concerned about in electing a leader you may want to stick to watching for American Idol, you get all the satisfaction of voting, without subjecting the rest of us to a beauty contest presidency.